Our MIssion



International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 

 Local Union 229

-Mission Statement-

To organize all workers in the entire electrical industry in the United States and Canada, including all those in public and electrical manufacturing, into local unions.  

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 229 is York Pennsylvania’s leading labor organization in the electrical construction industry. Each day Local 22 lives up to our International Organizing Statement. Organizing is a goal that every member is empowered to do.  We strive to represent the unrepresented workers and raise them to a new living standard while honing their skills to provide the very best electricians for all clients.  Local Union 229 will soon celebrate our 100th Anniversary of serving the Greater York Area.  Our long standing traditions will help forge the future of our dynamically changing industry.  There is absolutely no doubt that the IBEW sets the industry standard for today’s electrician. 

To promote reasonable methods of work. 

The IBEW is the industry leader for safe and reliable work.  In our contracts lie the guarantee to each and every client that they will receive the absolute best quality and production.Every IBEW Local 229 electrician lives up to the highest industry standards of production and safety.  This professionalism allows our members to maintain an excellent standard of living for their families. 

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