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Wellspan Health news article reports:


WellSpan Health announces $45 million expansion of WellSpan York Cancer Center

January 28, 2019



Architectural renderings of the facade (top image) and aerial view (bottom image) of the proposed WellSpan York Cancer Center expansion are shown. Groundbreaking is expected to occur in late summer or early fall 2019, with completion by early 2021.

New facility will deliver easier access to patient services and treatment

York, PA electrical contractor Jno Z. Barton Inc. employing a crew of IBEW 229 electricians performed the electrical construction on the new Shipley Energy Business Center in York, PA. This new state of the art center houses all of Shipley’s Business technology and data center. The IBEW 229 electricians worked hard to meet the tight deadline of the construction completion. Tight deadlines are nothing new to IBEW 229 electricians and professional electrical contractors like Jno Z. Barton.


In 2006 construction started on the new home of the York Revolution Baseball Team. IBEW contractor Pagoda Electrical was selected as electrical contractor. This complex project was fast paced as the stadium needed to be open for the opening game in June 2007. The project came in on time and on budget thanks to the IBEW electricians and our affiliated contractors.

In 2016 IBEW electricians employed by Pagoda Electrical Inc. successfully completed the electrical construction on the Additions and Renovation project at West York Area High School. The West York Area High School renovation program includes a new gymnasium and classroom addition. The classroom additions provided an additional 14 educational classrooms.

In 2000 IBEW Local 229 electricians working for Ace Electric completed the original electrical construction of the Kohl's store in Hanover, PA. A decade later, IBEW 229 electricians were back on site working for Parkside Site and Utility installing a roof mounted solar array.

IBEW Local 229 electricians employed by I.B. Abel Inc. from York successfully completed the new Home 2 Suites by Hilton on Pauline Drive in York, PA.


The state-of-the-art Johnson Controls engineering and test facility in southern York County, Pa. is a flagship project for IBEW Local 229 and our affiliated electrical contractor I.B. Abel Inc. The project includes a three-story, 107,000-square-foot engineering office and a 250,000-square-foot test facility where Johnson Controls will test its air handlers and chillers.

The IBEW Construction and Maintenance conference is an annual gathering of our Union's leadership in Washington DC, and this year, attendees witnessed a historic moment as our new President, Kenny Cooper, steps up to the podium for the very first time, igniting a transformative era for our Union. President Kenny Cooper's resounding message was received by all, resonating with the urgency of North America's electrical revolution. With President Biden's visionary "Build Back Better" plan at the forefront, the IBEW stands poised to seize a wealth of unprecedented opportunities.


IBEW Local 229 electricians employed by I.B. Abel Inc. from York successfully completed the new Home 2 Suites by Hilton on Pauline Drive in York, PA. Home 2 Suites by Hilton, one of the fastest growing brands in the history of Hilton Worldwide, is a mid-tier, all-suite award-winning extended-stay hotel designed to offer stylish accommodations with flexible guest room configurations and inspired amenities for the cost-conscious guest.


IBEW electricians employed by York electrical contractor I.B. Abel Inc. succesfully completed the electrical constrction at the West Manchester Town Center. An upgraded electrical service and new store layout including Petco,DSW, Just Cabinets and Artisan Spas were wired by IBEW 229 members. The $47 million dollar project encompassed demo of a majority of the site as well as demo of the old electrical service and construction of new electrical service to the entire facility.


Affiliated electrical contractor Proelectric LLC completed the electrical wiring on the new Advance Auto Store in Manchester PA. This project was a fast paced job with a set deadline. Even with the tight schedule the IBEW electricians onsite had no problems bringing the job in on time and on budget.



In 2013 York, PA electrical contractor I.B. Abel was selected to perform the electrical construction on a new 450,000 square foot distribution warehouse for North Americas leading wire and cable manufacturer Southwire. The project was a fast paced job with a tough schedule but this is no issue for the electrical workers employed by affiliated electrical contractors like I.B. Abel Inc.


In 2013 Wellspan Health Selected electrical contractor G.R. Sponaugle to perform the highly technical Emergency Power Systems Upgrade project at the York Hospital.

Features of the project included:


In 2005 a fire destroyed the famous Motorcycle and ATV dealer Action Motorsports in York, PA. After a long process the owners were ready to rebuild. They hired IBEW electrical contractor I.B. Abel to handle all of the new electrical work which included a state of the art shop area for the mechanics to service customer rvehicles and over 10,000 square foot show room.

The York Energy Center, which was completed in 2011, replicates a model currently in use at the Hay Road and Bethlehem energy centers. The York plant  uses state-of-the-art, combined cycle, power generators capable of producing 565 megawatts of electricity. When Calpine acquired the facility in 2010 as part of its purchase of the Conectiv Energy assets, its construction was about 70 percent complete.


Fuddruckers famous burger joint hired York County electrical contractor Buzynski Electrical Contractor LLC to perform the electrical work on their new York PA location. This project was a renovation of an existing building to suit the build of the incoming restaurant. This project is a key example that no matter what the size or scope of your project may be, IBEW electricians and our associated electrical contractors are here to perform.


In early 2007 construction began on the immense FGD project at Brunner’s Island. Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) is a technology used to remove sulfur dioxide (SO2) from the exhaust flue gasses of fossil fuel power plants.

Fossil fuel power plants burn coal or oil to produce steam for steam turbines, which in turn drive electricity generators.


In 2002 Edwin L. Heim Electric Co. teamed up with IBEW 229 to install the electrical systems during the construction of the York Hospitals Patient Care Tower. Construction lasted nearly 3 years with the final product being a 6 story state of the art patient facility for heart,orthopedic, and maternity patients. A state of the art Heart Cath Lab was installed as well.


ES3, LLC is a company that provides innovative channel neutral services and solutions to manufacturers and retailers throughout the grocery industry.


In 2002 IBEW signatory contractor Lombardo & Lipe was chosen as the electrical contractor for the construction of the new Central York High School. 

York, PA electrical contractor Jno Z. Barton Inc. employing a crew of IBEW 229 electricians performed the electrical construction on the new Shipley Energy Business Center in York, PA. This new state of the art center houses all of Shipley’s Business technology and data center. The IBEW 229 electricians worked hard to meet the tight deadline of the construction completion. Tight deadlines are nothing new to IBEW 229 electricians and professional electrical contractors like Jno Z. Barton.


Local 229 Electricians employed by 


In spring of 2006, Harrisburg based electrical contractor Edwin L. Heim Co. was awarded the electrical contract for the prestigious Gettysburg Battlefield Visitor Center. For over 2 years IBEW electricians employed by Heim constructed the electrical systems for the massive project including two movie theaters, museum, bookstore, cafeteria, and the cyclorama viewing area where visitors can view the one of a kind 40 foot tall painting of Pickets charge. IBEW 229 is proud to have the visitor center in our large list of landmark projects.


When construction began in 2001, The Susquehanna Commerce Center was the largest and most ambitious commercial development in the City of York Pa. Local 229 electricians employed by IBEW affiliated contractor G.R. Sponaugle Inc. performed all the electrical systems work on the project which included, Commercial condominiums, Historic restoration of 20,000 sf former gas manufacturing facility, Two newly constructed 6 story office buildings, 205,000 total sf of office space and Illuminated boulevard entry with drop-off and pedestrian plaza.

Beefing up domestic supply chains while strengthening security and competitiveness is behind the new law incentivizing the production of critical computer chips here in the United States.

Nearly $5 billion in new electrical vehicle charging systems are on the way, and demand for qualified installers has never been higher. That’s why President Lonnie Stephenson has launched the Talent Pipeline Challenge to get at least 10,000 electricians across the U.S.

The Biden Administration and Congress have won a historic achievement for IBEW members and their families with the Inflation Reduction Act. The enormous energy and tax package will put IBEW members to work in family-sustaining jobs for the secure, self-reliant grid of the future.

In July, President Biden traveled to Ohio to celebrate the most significant effort to protect multiemployer pensions in 50 years.

The Biden administration invoked the Defense Production Act to ease supply chain issues around solar panels on June 6, while continuing its investigation into possible Chinese trade violations.


Taken together, IBEW President Lonnie Stephenson said the suite of executive actions will build America’s energy arsenal and spur domestic energy manufacturing while reducing energy costs, supporting good-paying union jobs, and strengthening U.S. energy independence while maintaining strong labor standards.


Nearly 8 million new jobs have been added to the U.S. economy since the end of 2020. This means that employment is nearly matching pre-pandemic levels from two years ago. Construction is among the leading sectors for job growth, and that is only likely to improve as funding for infrastructure projects resulting from the historic new law comes to fruition.

President Biden traveled to Portland, Ore., on April 21 to visit the site of a massive project to upgrade the Portland International Airport and discuss the infrastructure law’s role in transforming the economy of the Pacific Northwest.


President Biden met with IBEW President Lonnie Stephenson and labor leaders to discuss strengthening America’s labor unions and 

Members of the IBEW were front and center for President Joe Biden’s White House announcement of Siemens USA’s plan to invest $54 million to expand its manufacturing facilities, a growth that promises to bring at least 300 new jobs to the company’s IBEW-represented workplaces in California and Texas.

Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Durham, N.C. to call for more unionization in the state.

A labor department plan to strengthen federal prevailing wage rules and enforcement under the Davis-Bacon Act would put more money in the pockets of an estimated 1.2 million U.S. construction workers.


President Joe Biden electrified the IBEW Convention in Chicago on May 11, drawing thunderous cheers for infrastructure projects that will employ IBEW members far into the future, championing unions like none of his predecessors, fighting to cut taxes for working families and make billionaires pay their fair share, among other historic progress and plans for a better, more just America.

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai met with business and labor leaders at the Port of Baltimore on March 21 to discuss Atlantic trade with her counterpart from the United Kingdom.

Discussions over terms of a bilateral trade agreement between the two countries under consideration previously changed when the Biden administration took over, said Baltimore Local 24 President Sam Curreri.

The opportunity to bask in the glow of appreciation for working people does not come often, particularly in the presence of high-ranking elected officials, including th

Modernizing the electric grid. Decarbonizing transportation. Investing in the future. Good job opportunities for Americans. All are moving forward with the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the largest infrastructure law in generations – and with it jobs for IBEW members in nearly every branch.
Just in time for the flow of resources to fulfill the promises of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act signed on Nov. 15, the White House is amplifying how to capitalize on the historic funding opportunities.
Each project in the largest ever investment in transit,broadband rail and clean energy will come through state, local and tribal governments.
On the campaign trail and throughout his presidency, Joe Biden has promised to be the most pro-union, pro-worker president in history. As President Biden celebrates his first year in office, his actions are matching his words.
“President Biden has taken significant and historic steps to promote, protect, and enhance the rights of working people,including IBEW members,”President Stephenson said in a statement citing a long list of first-year accomplishments:
In guidance released on Feb. 10, the Federal Highway Administration suggested the use of the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) in its implementation of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure build out.
President Biden on Feb. 4 issued an Executive Order requiring project labor agreements (PLAs) on large-scale federal construction projects.
“When big construction projects are completed efficiently and with the highest degree of professionalism, it’s good for the American taxpayer,”
President Biden was already slated to visit Pittsburgh on Jan. 28, when a 50-year-old bridge near the speech venue picked that day to give way, collapsing under its weight and injuring several people on it at the time.
Luckily none of the injuries were serious and no one was killed. But the tragedy horrifically
emphasized the message of the day: the urgency of accomplishing all of those long-deferred infrastructure projects.
A task force created by President Biden in the early days of his administration to promote worker organizing and collective bargaining has produced a report with nearly 70 recommendations.
“The Biden-Harris Administration believes that increasing worker organizing and empowerment is critical to growing the middle class, building an economy that puts workers first, and strengthening our democracy,” the report says.